Injection blow moulding can be achieved on regular machines with simple addon features.
•An Index mechanism
•A blow-pack to deliver compressed air with a desired profile and pressure.
Plasdan can deliver systems for volumes of production from several thousands to several millions/annum.

Advantages of IBM on conventional IMM vs dedicated ISBM/SBM machines:

•No added investment required if already in possession of an IMM.
•Flexibility to use same machine to IBM as well as regular IM.
•Adaptable to any IMM and with very high productivity.
•Unit cost is extremely low for small capacity containers (150ml or less).
•For small parts, very high volumes of production are possible. For small containers/vials number of units/cycle can be very large (up to 72 cavity tools).
•Inclusion of more than one material or colour is more practical. (co-injecting barrier or simultaneously 2 different colours). Possible to incorporate additional injection units for multi K components
•Adequate to integrate a full moulding, filling and sealing line providing for a complete aseptic operation.
•Full electric operation is possible making processing in a cleanroom more efficient as well as an energy saver.
•Relocation to another production centre relatively easy.


Injection blow-moulding on a conventional IMM using Plasdan’s E-plates and twin 3 station Lift&Turn units rivalling any conventional injection blow moulding equipment