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Dear customers and friends,
Plasdan was established in Portugal 30 years ago, founded by a Portuguese and a German in Denmark. The brand Plasdan has been in the market ever since then.

Our brand is synonymous with a multicultural vision of the market and the world. We pride ourselves on innovation and creativity.

Innovation will always play a major role in the sustainability and growth of our companies and the community as a whole.

Therefore, allow me to synthesize the above in a few words:
Innovation is a place on earth where you re-invent yourself
Thank you for your visit and for your interest in our products.


Paulo Silva, CEO and product developer at Plasdan,
Automation and Add-on Systems.


Developing and manufacturing the most efficient and innovative
“Add-On” systems for the injection moulding industry.


Enable our customers, in particular, and the injection moulding industry,
in general, to be profitable, efficient and sustainable.

Intelligent manufacturing by Plasdan



Innovation: examples of some registered patents.


Plasdan was estabilished
as a Danish – Portuguese
 venture in 1989,
in Marinha Grande.

In its early days, Plasdan’s core activity was the sales of injection moulding machines and associated equipment. As business grew, it ended up extending its practice to the mould engineering and project management areas, as well as commencing sales of its own range of thermoplastic equipment.

In the late nineties, with the boom in the mould manufacturing sector, Plasdan decided on getting and got its ISO-9001 certification.

At the start of the millennium, Plasdan starts the manufacturing of a complete range of add-on multi-shot injection moulding systems. Since then, this area has been continuously growing within the company, and has become what is currently the company’s main activity.

Addon Injection units and complex tooling without automation is like an out of focus lens, hence, Plasdan Automation was setup in2008 to complement current activities and fulfil growing market demand.


At this moment, and more than ever, the company is committed to the manufacture of the most innovative and efficient add-on systems for the multi-injection moulding industry.

There is a special effort in the area of co-injection systems and hot-halves as well as added focus to injection blow-moulding on normal IMMs.


Added Certification NP 4457:2007 for Research, development and innovation of equipment and automation for thermoplastics.


Launch of new range of products for
1. co-injection valves and tooling.
2. Developed and launch to market of the Plasdan injection blow moulding systems.


Successful filing of patents for an add-on compression table, and the E-plate injection units


Output the mould robotics concept.
Developed the new rotary table for High temperature.


Obtained Quality certification NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.


Developed the direct drive design for a new range of injection units the EL1520


Between 2009 and 2010, the company conducted comprehensive restructuring, focusing its strategy on the add-on equipment.


In 2007, Plasdan extended its representation worldwide. Successful bids for several patents were filed, some of which include;
• The interchangeable support systems for multi-component moulds, dubbed C-Frame.
• Modular non-pressurized deposit in thermoplastic material.


Development of the double barrel electric injection unit.


Developed a combi version for the fully electric multi-shot injection moulding unit, allowing the customer to change from vertical to horizontal and vice versa in a very short time.

Developed and added the shot pot architecture to existing hydraulic units, allowing customers to retrofit and achieve higher injection volume on existing equipment.

Developed turnkey solution for the injection-stretch-blow moulding of a one litre PET container together with its LDPE lid & respective TPE seal. Also developed another rotary injection-blow mould for a PP yoghurt container.


Development of our first fully electric multi-shot injection moulding unit.